We Are Closed.

It is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform you that we are now closing down. After serious fiscal mismanagement within some of the leadership roles in the company, there was no longer any means to service our wonderful and patient clients/customers. More so, after numerous complaints and potential lawsuits on the rise, the 18 year old owner felt that continuing on in the marketing space was morally and fiscally incompatible. Since then, he has received numerous chargebacks/disputes, to which, he has accepted all and has refunded all the money he has earned thus far plus some. If you or another agent feel that we as a company have not delivered you leads, we urge you to please file a chargeback/dispute against us as we will credit your money back. It unfortunately must be done this way as we do not have the funds/resources to give out any refunds since we have accepted all the incoming chargebacks. Thank you for the opportunity to work with such amazing and talented agents and the most sincerest apologies to anyone who feels that they have been wronged as it was never our intent to harm or inconvenience anyone, our goal was simply to provide the best leads we possibly could. In the case that you’ve been wronged or we have underdelivered, please file a chargeback/dispute in order to receive your hard-earned and well deserved money back. If there is any message you’d like to leave for the 18 year-old owner, please do so below. Thank You.