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Established in 2018, Much More Clients is headquartered in Ocala, FL, the Horse Capital of the world. Although we are located in Ocala, we have clients in all the major cities in Florida! Much More Clients actually has serviced customers in Europe and Asia!

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What is Much More Clients?

Much More Clients LLC is an agency built for the now, headquartered in Ocala, FL. As a full-service digital agency, Much More Clients provides Ocala Web Design, Ocala Internet marketing, Ocala Digital Marketing, Ocala SEO, Ocala social media, Ocala social media marketing, Ocala PPC, Ocala email marketing, Ocala content writing, and Digital Marketing consulting services. 

What started off as a simple one-man shop has progressed into a team of expert staff members which comprise Much More Clients. Today, we boast a team of people who are skilled in every facet or digital marketing: Creative, Strategic, and Technical. In tandem with our current status, we never forget our roots, so no matter how big we get, we will always focus on:

  1. Personalized Attention
  2. High Quality Standards
  3. Big Picture Thinking
  4. Results-Focused Innovation
  5. Exceeding client Expectations

Awards and Certifications

We have numerous awards and certifications but we try to show only the important ones for certain reasons. We are not looking to boast and brag about why Much More Clients is far better than any other ocala digital marketing agency, but rather, we show these awards to help bolster our credentials. Due to that, we are only choosing to display our verifications and certifications from world-renown companies. We figure, if our Ocala digital marketing services are good enough for brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, MTV, and even LinkedIn themselves, we are certain that our ocala digital marketing services are good enough for your business. Although these awards qualify us to work with these giant corporations, we prefer working with smaller businesses because their impact on the communities they are located in are far greater. We proudly stand by our mission of helping small business owner achieve their dreams and expand their business so that not only they can help themselves, but they can also give back to the communities that fostered their growth.


Much More Clients is a Sortlist verified agency. Sortlist helps enterprise level brands connect with digital marketing agencies that can veritably deliver results. These brands include the likes of Coca-Cola, New Balance, Ford, MTV, LinkedIn, Audi, and many more. Being a verified agency with Sortlist means that we have passed their extensive testing and screening process with flying colors, making Much More Clients certified to work with enterprise level brands in the Ocala area.

Much More Clients is a HubSpot certified agency. HubSpot is a world leader in the CRM space. They rival name-brands such as SalesForce and others just like it. Enterprise level brands like Subaru, Suzuki, Zildjian, and even USA.gov utilize HubSpot. Being certified with HubSpot gives even more credence to our Ocala marketing abilites, especially regarding our Ocala Social Media Advertising services.

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Why Choose Us?

6 Reasons Why We are Ocala's "Go-To" Digital Marketing Agency.

1. We're Focused On You

As an Ocala digital marketing agency, we focus on understanding your business goals first. From there, we make all our decisions based off of your goals and expectations. We understand that a grandiose website may not be of value if it does not help you reach your goals. You talk, we listen… then we throw in lots of ideas for improvement.

2. We Value Relationships and Integrity.

We believe in doing business centered around honesty, integrity, and kindness. We are purposefully driven to help your business out in any way we can and act in your best interests. We don’t believe in selling clients things they don’t need and we won’t lie to get your business. Furthermore, we treat every client with kindness and respect, the way it should be.

3. We Use WordPress

When we do something, we do it right; our craft is performed to the highest standard. Because of that, we use the best open source CMS system available called WordPress (wordpress.org). This allows you to have full access to ALL your website’s content from any computer in the world. Our clients have the ability to add unlimited pages, posts, media, videos, images, docs, etc. 

4. We Quantify Our Success

With help from our friends at WordPress.org, we track all your websites visitors which gives us the opportunity to quantify our success, to see what is working and what is not. Full traffic data is available for your website at any point in time. Armed with that knowledge, we can intelligently decide where to increase marketing efforts, where to decrease marketing efforts, and most importantly, whether you’re getting your money’s worth or not.

5. We Deliver On Time

In business, time is money, and we understand that. We set realistic deadlines (for both ourselves and our clients) and we stick to them. We communicate constantly with each of clients during the given time frame and we supply them with updates as we progress and get projects launched by the agreed upon deadlines. 

6. We're Ocala Raised With Big City Skills

As an ocala digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of working with a marketing agency nearby that can give you the attention you and your business deserves. We also understand the importance of getting results and delivering on what was agreed. With nearly all marketing agencies having either one trait or the other, Much More Clients bridged the gap and integrated both factors into a digital marketing agency that can service businesses both small and large.

Industries We Serve

Much More Clients, an Ocala digital marketing agency, has been in the ocala web design and ocala online marketing industry since 2017. In that period of time, we have helped businesses in nearly every industry succeed online. No matter what niche your business falls into, our ocala online marketing services will help you grow!

Proven Success from Much More Clients

Much More Clients is highly experienced in serving both B2B and B2C companies. Although we have proven ourselves dozens of times for a wide variety of clients and niches, we will take on clients in any industry, even if they are not listed below. We have designed and optimized websites, crafted SEO strategies, written content, and ran ultra-profitable advertising campaigns to deliver the maximum results and an optimal user experience for the following industries:

  • Home Service
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Financial/Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • Retail
  • Professional/Technology
  • Services
  • City/Destination
  • Restaurant
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Our Focus (Specialty) Industries


Our Ocala Legal Marketing services are top-tier. We currently service dozens of lawyers and have been recommended dozens of times by lawyers in all sub-niches, ranging from PI to estate law to criminal defense and lots more.


Our Ocala Automotive Marketing services are also top-tier. We currently service several dealerships ranging from the 1 location dealers to entire auto groups with a plethora of locations across the eastern coast. We’ve helped dealerships receive as much as a consistent 4x return on ad-spend month after month.


Much more Clients originally started off serving only clients in the health and wellness industry. We’ve helped cosmetic surgeons, gyms, med spas, and even veterinarians expand their practice and service their local  community far more effectively. 

Our ocala digital marketing experts are ready to work alongside you in order to develop effective internet marketing campaigns that drive business and help you get your back-end processes completed far more efficiently. Contact us below!

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Meet The Team

About Marcos Karva
Marcos Karva - Owner & Founder
Ocala Marketing Expert
Nathan Marco - Co-Owner & CEO
Ocala Marketing Specialist
Nathan Brown - Web/UX Designer
Ocala Marketing Consultants
Michael Francis - Copywriting Expert
Ocala Marketing Experts
Andrew Johnson - Marketing Consultant
Ocala Online Marketing
Isaac Pacheco - Marketing Specialist