How a Small Gym is still Pulling In Money (Gym Marketing During Shut down)

Gym Marketing During Shut Down

Gym Marketing during shut down, not the easiest thing. But worry not, after carefully recording data from a number of our gym clients we found ultimate way to market your gym and still get hot leads during the quarantine!

Hey! So obviously you and me are both on the same page about this virus thing. Crazy right? Like Honestly, this is pretty insane!

You know what’s even crazier?

Making Sales and Growing Your Business While Your Business Is On Shutdown. Without. Lifting. A Finger.

Market Analysis

So first…. context.

One of our clients is a Small, Mom ‘n’ Pop type business. Before we worked with this gym, they had literally almost NO online presence. They had a half completed ‘Wix’ website coupled with a series of mismanaged Facebook pages and that was it.

After realizing the amount of money being left on the table and the amount of people they could be helping, they gave us a call.

Pre-Ad Optimization

Within the first two weeks, we had built them a custom-built, fully responsive website. (ranked pretty high on Google too but we’ll get into SEO some other time…)

We then restructured their 8 Different Facebook Pages into just 2 (definitely helped).

Running The Ad

After about a month or two of running VERY successful advertising campaigns, this epidemic hit. Hard. There was an order for a ‘Non-Essential Shutdown’ meaning, everything deemed “non-essential” is to be shut down for the time being.

Unfortunately, this included gyms. All of them. Meaning….

All cash flow came to a Grinding Halt. This particular gym charges annual premiums rather than monthly premiums meaning that they rely A LOT on New Sales. After a long strategy session, we came up with a solution.

We came up with a way to do the gym marketing during shutdown.

Offer-Driven Ads Pushing Gift Certificates.

Customers can redeem them whenever the gym reopens and we can get their membership set-up right then and there, no need to close the sale as it’s already been done. Better than that, only members can buy them AND they can only give them to non-members. This was slowly becoming the ultimate way to do gym marketing during shut down.

People who have bought from you before are more likely to buy from you than a brand new prospect is. Can’t argue with data.

Warm/Hot Audience > Cold Audience. It Was Guaranteed New Sales. So, we took action. Quickly 🙂

  1. We Built A Landing Page With That Offer (Made sure to put in a FB pixel)
  2. Advertised It Through Facebook (Tested Out So Many Audiences)
  3. Introduced Re-targeting Campaigns As Well (To Page Viewers who Didn’t Buy)
  4. Sent Them An Email With The “Gift Certificate” (We made sure to ask for the info of the person they’re gifting it to so we can be sure the correct person claims it.)
  5. And That’s It. Done.

Everyone who bought is immediately added to our email lists for future up-sells and everyone who didn’t buy but looked at the landing page is getting re-targeted with more ads.

How you can do gym marketing during shut down as well

And Now We Wait As We Continue To Generate More Sales On Autopilot. Let me level with you…

As of right now (time of writing this), the epidemic is still going on. Everyone is at home on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You’re Guaranteed Viewers and the cost per view is cheaper than ever. (Rarely Ever Does This Happen)

We don’t know how much longer this epidemic will last. So here’s my question to you….

Why not get a head start now?

Why not let our Extremely Talented Staff take care of making your ads, bringing you more sales, and increasing your revenue? You won’t have to worry about bringing in new customers and instead, you can focus on running your business. On the fence still? Think Facebook Ads won’t work?

Why not give me a call? Let’s talk about it.


For every example you show me of a case where online ads didn’t work, I’ll not only reveal to you where they went wrong, but i’ll also show you a case where someone didn’t make that same mistake and ended up doing ridiculously well with Facebook Ads.

(Just in case you’re still on the fence about calling)


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