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Video Isn’t The Future. Video Is Now.

When you run digital ads, the biggest struggle isn’t the complexity of ad creation or finding out how to out-do your competition. The real difficulty of running ads is successfully grabbing people’s attention.

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A 2007, a study from a marketing firm showed that a person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day.

The Adapting World of Advertising

Advertisements are everywhere you look, there’s no avoiding them. Given the huge increase in ad exposure both online and offline since then, this number has likely increased exponentially.

Not only can the human brain not absorb and process this much information, the increased saturation of advertising has also caused our brains to learn to ignore most ads. Ads being so cluttered makes it difficult for your brand to stand out and makes it hard for the average user to enjoy their online experience. 

Advertising online is much cheaper than most print advertising avenues. Since online advertising has a lower barrier of entry compared to offline advertising, you will be competing with a lot more people. Since most people’s lives are spent in front of ads, and those ads are becoming over-saturated to the point where our brains start to automatically disregard them, what’s the best option?

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The best option is to take a different approach. Choosing an eye-catching and interactive experience will separate your content from the rest of the competition. 

Here’s an example

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Video is perfect for grabbing your customer’s attention. Since the battle with ads is getting people to notice them, a moving picture is going to naturally draw that attention.

Research from Brightcove in 2014 revealed that 76% of consumers cited video as their preferred content source when consuming brand information

The Facts

52% of consumers say that watching product videos made them more confident in online purchase decisions. A study by the Marketing Profs found that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than a website without one. People like to see what they’re going to buy in action; because a video is a bunch of images crammed into a few seconds, your advertising becomes more attracted to the human brain.

Our eyes are naturally attracted to movement, so a video will stand out more than a text and picture ad. A 2012 study showed that consumers were over 27 times more likely to click a video ad compared to a standard banner ad.


Not only do videos grab people’s attention better than text only ads, but they’re also better at keeping it. Videos are an engaging medium that elicits strong emotional responses and strikes a deep connection with the people that view them. In 2015, using videos generated 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.


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While using video is a great option for your business there is a pitfall that can work against you.

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The Small Cons

A survey conducted by Verizon Digital Media Services found that the average time spent viewing videos decreases by 77% when video quality drops. More than 85% of those surveyed say they expect “TV-like” quality for every video they see on the internet.

Not only is your video’s quality important for your consumer, it has the potential to hurt your business.

62% of consumers will develop a negative perception of your brand if you publish a poor quality video, and 60% will refuse to engage with your brand.

This proves that something as simple as poor video quality hurts your business. Even if you offer the most innovative products and services, your video quality becomes the product just as much as what you’re offering.

Our award-winning Ocala  Video Production service helps our corporate partners engage with their audience, inspiring them to act. We produce commercials, public relations videos, documentary films and online branded content for top-level brands, non-profits, associations, media outlets and national networks. 

Dedicated Team. Limitless Possibilities:

We understand video marketing strategy and that your brand image is your most valuable asset.

Ocala video production remains consistent from sector to sector, and we shape that philosophy in countless ways. Every brand has a specific audience with key themes that are most relevant to them. It is our responsibility to make sure these themes are communicated clearly and meaningfully to make the most impact.

From the beginning, our team assigns a dedicated producer who directs the project from the kick-off call to the final delivery. We collaborate with you to map out your creative vision for the piece, deciding on strategic techniques that will best tell your unique story. Throughout the whole process, we manage the logistics down to the detail. 

Our post-production is conducted entirely in-house, where we leverage sharp, immersive sound design, refined color grading, natural sound bites, creative transitioning, and expertly blended music scores to bring the final product to life.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Biteable)

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Ocala Video Production

Once we produce your Hollywood quality video with our ocala video production services, we can help you promote it as well.

Our Ocala Video Production Process

1: Pre-Production

We work with our clients to develop the themes and messaging of their video. If it’s a documentary piece, we compose interview questions. If it’s a graphics or acted piece, we draft a script. Once we’ve got the creative figured out, we get a shoot on the calendar and get into the production phase of our ocala video production services.

2: Production

We are pros at capturing stories where they are, and our team is capable of shoots both big and small. From audio engineering to motion tracking, we’ve got the equipment and people to capture cinematic quality footage, all pre-planned and properly executed. this is what puts our ocala video production services ahead of most other marketing agencies.

3: Post-Production

We believe the edit suite is where the story comes to life. Our team of producers and editors work with our clients to piece together the perfect soundbites and shots to tell any and every story. And when it comes to motion graphics, we’re making fully animated videos, as well as infusing them into our documentary pieces, all from our expert ocala video production service.